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RV in Dessert
Providing the best experience & achieving investment goals together!

Professional Property Management

Our operations services cover the day-to-day management and logistics of RV assets. This includes maintenance scheduling, cleaning services, and overall operational efficiency. We aim to keep RVs in peak condition, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for both owners and renters.

Accounting Services 

Transparent and accurate financial management is paramount. Epic Resource Management handles all financial aspects related to RV management, including invoicing, financial reporting, and budgeting. Our accounting services provide RV owners with clear insights into the financial performance of their assets.

Revenue Management

Epic Resource Management specializes in optimizing the GPI at properties. This includes

dynamic pricing, innovative revenue strategies, vendor/expense management and

demand forecasting to maximize ROI on assets. Our experienced team employs

industry-leading practices to ensure the assets under our management services achieve

optimal financial performance.

Human Expertise

Our human resources services encompass recruitment, training, and employee management to build a dedicated team committed to providing top-notch RV management services.

Advertising & Marketing

In the competitive RV market, effective sales and marketing strategies are crucial. Epic Resource Management develops and implements targeted marketing campaigns to attract renters, coupled with a robust sales approach to secure bookings. 

Maintenance & Compliance

Maintaining RV storage and service facilities is a critical aspect of our services. We ensure that facilities are secure, well-maintained, and equipped to handle the needs of RVs. From storage spaces to service bays, our facility management services contribute to the overall care and safety of the RVs entrusted to us.

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